Chad Clipfell
1264 Marilyn st SE, Apt #2 • Salem, OR 97302
Home: 503-409-7584 •
I'm an Arborist/Climber in the line clearance industry. I have worked as a crane operator, and rigged for other operators in high risk tree removal. Dangerous tree removal, spurless climbing, and corrective pruning are my specialties. I have led tree crews as a foreman climber/bucket operator for twelve years. I'm a certified arborist,journeyman line clearance tree trimmer, and was a nationally certified crane operator for three years.
Met or exceeded all performance goals to date.
Work well as a team member or independently.
Resourceful, energetic, competent, multi-task and results-oriented.
Effective management, technical, and supervisory skills.
Asplundh Tree Experts • Silverton,Oregon • 2010
As a foreman for Asplundh I'm responsible for the safety of my crew, maintenance of my truck and equipment, and our efficient production. I'm a safe and mindful equipment operator. I strive to keep a positive work environment and lead by example.
I work with my general foreman and forester to meet production goals
I work with my crew to maintain a safe work enviroment.
As a foreman at Asplundh I'm responsible for the continued safety training of the crew.
Mtn View Tree Service • Silverton,Oregon • 2008 to 2010
Foreman /Climber
As a foreman at Mtn. View I was responsible for leading a crew of up to four people. I did most of the climbing and assisted in sales.I recruited a competent crew to assist me.
My Arborist certification opened up bidding opotunities.
I put my crane experience to work on many dangerous removals.
The owner valued my past experience and conferred with me to make knowledgeable decisions.
R@R Tree Service • Salem ,Oregon • 2007 to 2008
Foreman / Lead climber
As a foreman at R@R I was responsible for crew management, safety training ,and assisting in technical trimming and removal jobs. I was called upon to climb the more daunting trees the crew leaders would come upon.
I climbed and removed a 230' Douglas fir tree
I was the climber/rigger for many crane removals
I climbed and removed trees over power lines
Clipfell's Tree Service • Millcity, Oregon • 2004 to 2007
As the owner of Clipfell's Tree Service I was responsible for sales, production, recruitment maintaining equipment, and mantaining a safe work enviroment. I used my past experience to build my business in a highly competitive region. My strong climbing skills helped keep my cost down and made my services afaffordable .
Clipfell's removed many dangerous trees for Linn County .
I maintained multiple commercial accounts, including Santiam Golf Course.
Logging companies and other tree services used me for dangerous tree removals.
Crown Engineering Corp. • Sacramento, California • 2005 to 2005
Rigger/Crane Operator
As a Rigger at Crown I was responsible for rigging and lifting heavy pipe and metal in place to assist welders. I obtained my crane certification while at crown and was put in charge of operating an 80ton telescopic crane.
Passed crane certification test for up to 100ton telescopic.
I was chosen out of a hundred other to be in charge of rigging and crane operations.
I fabricated and welded to assist in rigging.
R@R Tree Service • Salem,Oregon • 1999 to 2004
Foreman/Lead Climber
As Foreman,climber at R@R I was in the field everyday climbing and supervising residential tree work. I led a productive crew and prided myself on completing every task set before me.
I was a highly efficient climber specialized in large ,technical removals.
I trimmed and removed trees around power lines.
I trained climbers in safe rigging and tree removal.
ISA • Portland, Oregon • 2008
Arborist Certification
Chemeketa • Salem,Oregon • 2000
I'm an Arborist,and line clearance tree trimmer.
I'm a competent foreman,safety and production minded.
Strong climber and trimmer.
Driving and operating skills
Union member, I.B.E.W., Portland ,Oregon, 2010 to 2012
Arborist , I.S.A., 2008 to 2012
Class A CDL, D.M.V., 2005 to 2012
Certified Arborist, I.S.A., Portland ,Oregon, 2008 to 2012
Crane operator, NCCO, Sacramento, California, 2005 to 2008
100ton telescopic